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Updated: Dec 9, 2022

When your hull and topsides observations are complete go aboard the boat and view the deck, cabintop, and any superstructure.

What you are looking for: fairness of the deck, signs of moisture intrusion or delamination, condition of the paint and non-skid, indications of repair or unrepaired damage.

How to Look: Sight along the deck, it should be fair with no bumps or divots. Look closely at the deck surface for hairline cracks (crazing) or dings. Pay particular attention to the areas near deck hardware, the foot of the mast, the bow where the anchor comes aboard, and the cockpit sole. The sides of the cabintop are also vulnerable to damage and wear so sight along these as well checking for fairness. Next, walk the entire deck and cabintop checking for firmness underfoot. Finally, sound the whole area in the same way as the hull and topsides checking for soundness.

Significant Findings: an uneven deck and /or sponginess underfoot indicates moisture intrusion and possible delamination. Unrepaired dings or a great deal of crazing are also indicators of more significant deterioration. Soft areas near hardware indicate possible moisture problems caused by poorly sealed fastener holes.


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