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Crew Placement

Connecting with appropriately certified and experienced crew is a time consuming process. With deep and long-standing contacts in the marine industry we maintain a database of certified captains and mates with experience in the small passenger vessel industry. If you need certified crew for short or long term placement contact us, we can help.

Are you a certified captain, mate, or engineer looking for a shipboard role? Fill out our Crew Placement Form and we will get in touch for a pre-screening interview.

For Employers - How it Works

After an initial consultation we will start recruitment efforts on your behalf. Our contribution can be limited to simple referrals from our database, to a full recruiting package where we handle the entire recruiting process. In either case you will only pay a fee if a successful hire is made. 

Full Recruiting 

Tell us what you need and we take care of the rest: advertising, certification check, screening, first interviews, contracts.

Referal with Screening

We will provide referrals to you that are pre-screened for up-do-date certifications, appropriate experience, and availability.  

Referal Only

A list of qualified candidates is provided for your own screening and selection.

Short Term Placement

Are you in immediate need of of a captain or mate to fill in for an ill crewmember or crew up a last minute booking? We can often supply a qualified candidate with as little as 24 hours notice. 

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