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Environment, Health & Safety

Employer responsibilities in EHS do not have to be onerous. Embark can set you up with a streamlined system that will provide instant data so you can spot trends, analyze behavior, and maintain consistent regulatory compliance.

Digital or Paper

Crew and staff can fill out traditional paper forms integrated into your existing record keeping, or, if you are ready to go digital, smartphone or tablet based digital forms that sync with your dashboard providing real-time data to your desktop. Either way, your system will be custom designed with how-to guides integrated into every form.

Emergency Duties Traing

Embark consultants are certified to deliver Transport Canada mandated marine emergency duties training specifically designed for small passenger vessel crew compliance. See our crew training page for more. 

Incident Reporting and Tracking

Compliant digital or hard copy incident reports with easy to follow analytics to help spot trends and uncover unsafe practices. 

Emergency Equipment Inspection

Constant readiness in the event of an emergency is the responsibility of every passenger vessel operator. This checklist, usually integrated into both the vessel logbook and the critical systems inspection, will be specific to your vessels' equipment and designed for efficiency of inspection.

Emergency Drills and Exercises

Integrated into your daily logbook and aligned with the mandated intervals these drills and exercises details include written emergency procedures as required by USCG and Transport Canada.

Critical Systems Inspection 

Referencing the detailed survey of your vessels' systems a critical systems checklist will ensure that vital onboard machinery is functioning as it should. If there is a failure imminent, this process will uncover it before you have a critical incident.

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