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Operational Plans

Every operation needs formalized plans in order to guide activities in a consistent manner. Embark consultants have developed plans and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for some of the largest operations in North America, carrying millions of passengers annually, and for small single vessel operators carrying just 12 passengers or less per excursion. 

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

We can design and implement a compliant SMS plan that will guide your daily decision making and professionalize your operations. Soon to be a Transport Canada requirement for all vessels carrying 50 passengers or more and currently an active recommendation from the Transportation Safety Board.

Pollution Emergency Plans (PEP)

A plan to mitigate the effects of an accidental discharge of pollution including vulnerability assessment, reporting procedures, and control actions should be onboard your vessels and part of crew training. We can develop and implement a plan compliant with The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships.

Emergency Preparedness Plans

Commercial passenger vessels are required to have documented plans to prepare for and respond to emergencies. Proposed amendments to SMS regulations will further codify this requirement. Our extensive experience in emergency preparedness will enable us to create robust procedures  tailored to your vessel and operation.

Vessel Security Plans

If your operation requires  ISPS compliant vessel security plans we can conduct and submit for regulatory approval  a Vulnerability  Assessment then draft a Vessel Security Plan that will meet your compliance obligations. 

Risk Assements

The Transportation Safety Board has recommended commercial passenger vessels adopt explicit risk management process. We can assess routine and non-routine activities for risk with a assessment tool that will identify hazards, rank their probability of causing an injury, and rate the potential severity. The resulting Risk Ratings  will guide the final Corrective Action Plans. 

Custom Management Plans

Each operation is unique and presents unique challenges. Embark consultants have developed many custom operating plans and navigated the regulatory approval process necessary to put them into action. We can help you develop comprehensive  operating plans that will allow you to deliver the service you want while still maintaining regulatory compliance.

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