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Fleet Management

Complete vessel and fleet management services for the small passenger vessel industry. Embark Maritime can customize a quality management program for your vessel or fleet of vessels that will achieve the quality, safety, and efficiency of large ISO compliant fleets at a cost scaled appropriately to your operation. Using key performance indicators, and efficiency metrics, powering a custom scorecard, you can measure, track, and record  the status of operational quality, safety, and efficiency.

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  • Vessel Logbooks

  • Maintenance Workflow Tracking

  • Inspection Checklists

  • Compliance Documentation 

  • Crew Certification Tracking

  • Custom Dashboard Metrics

  • Planned/Predictive Maintenance Systems

  • Lifecycle Planning

  • Dry-dock and Refit Management

  • Compliance Management 


Effective measurement leads to effective management.

  • Incident Reporting/Rates

  • Drills Completion Rates

  • Safety Equipment Inspection

  • Critical Systems

  • TCMS Certified Safety Training

  • Safety Management Systems

  • Vessel Security Plans

  • Pollution Emergency Plans

  • Risk Assessments

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“His knowledge of marine operations and the rules and regulations governing commercial passenger vessels in Canada and the United States, were instrumental in ensuring the successful launch of Hornblower Niagara.”

Mauri DiMaurizio,  COO City Cruises (Hornblower Canada) - Niagara Falls

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