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$19 per foot to 40 feet | $21 per foot 41- 50 feet | $25 per foot to 60 feet |

Over 60 feet contact for pricing.

This is a comprehensive survey intended to establish the condition of the vessel and all of its systems including:

  • Hull and Structure

  • Propulsion and Machinery

  • Tankage and Piping

  • Electrical Systems

  • Navigation and Equipment

  • Firefighting and Lifesaving Equipment

  • Dinghies and Tenders

  • Ground Tackle

  • Dewatering Systems

  • Rigging

  • Amenities

    The final report will include the observations of the condition of these systems and details of any testing that was done. Defects, deficiencies, and compliance violations will be noted against the appropriate standards. The report will conclude with recommendations and a fair market value estimate based on the contents of the report and an analysis of the market for comparables (current offerings and recent sold data). Typically this type of survey is appropriate for pre-purchase by a buyer and is usually done with the vessel hauled out. If the vessel is in the water the survey should include a sea trial.

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$17 per foot to 40 feet | $19 per foot 41- 50 feet | $23 per foot to 60 feet |

Over 60 feet contact for pricing.

This survey is not as comprehensive as the pre-purchase survey and it may be done in or out of the water. A sea trial is not usually included. This type of survey is used for financing and insurance, so the survey’s main purpose is to consider if the vessel is being maintained to a standard consistent with the amount of financing or insurance. A C&V survey assumes the vessel has no substantial defects that would detract from the vessel’s value, however it is not a comprehensive assessment of the vessel’s condition in the way a pre-purchase survey would be.

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$17 per foot to 40 feet | $19 per foot 41- 50 feet | $23 per foot to 60 feet |

Over 60 feet contact for pricing.

Prior to accepting delivery of a new vessel an owner may wish to commission a survey to determine if the vessel has any defects. Typically, builders give a one year warranty against defects, however, identifying such defects before signing will put the new owner in a position to demand the defects are rectified before taking delivery. If there are substantial issues in need of attention by the builder the new vessel survey can save a new owner many months, or even years, of negotiations with a builder. Ideally a sea trial would be included in a new boat survey.

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Please contact for pricing.

A damage survey is usually commissioned by the insurer after a vessel has suffered a loss or damage. Depending on the circumstances of the accident and the damage to the vessel other marine experts may be required to assist the surveyor in developing accurate cost estimates for repairs.

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