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Our mission is to provide vessel operators with expert management support, crew training, and marine systems analysis.  

We do this by bringing large scale quality tools and methods to small and medium scale operations.



We pledge to always consider the environmental impact of our services and the solutions we develop for clients. Where appropriate, environmental impact assessment will be carried out. We will not pursue options that ignore or avoid environmental impact assessment due to percieved cost or time constraints.



People are the foundation and purpose of our business. We believe when the care of the employees is a priority of the business, the employees will make the goals of the business their priority. We support this approach in-house and encourage it in our clients.


Business Integrity

We will strive to achieve maximum transparency and communication in all of our operations recognizing that these are the cornerstones of business integrity. 



We commit 1% of annual revenue to causes devoted to the stewardship and conservation of the marine and freshwater environments.

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