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We Are Mariners

Those who make their living on the water know that getting where you want to go doesn't happen by chance -- there has to be a plan, and successful plans are built on a foundation of experience and knowledge. Since the 1990s we have been crewing ships large and small, and managing marine operations in the Canadian and US passenger vessel industries. We know the marine business. Our commitment is to provide our clients with access to this experience so they can arrive at the destination they seek. 


As we grow our client base and expand our services we remain committed to our mission and core values including a pledge to conduct and promote business practices that respect the marine and freshwater environments.

Roger Nugent Marine Consultant

Roger Nugent


With 25 years of marine industry experience, Roger has a keen understanding of the complex administration of marine operations, vessels of all kinds, the equipment and machinery that makes them function, and the standards that regulate their operation. His shipboard roles have included crew and captain positions on charter yachts, historic ships, excursion vessels, and sail training ships; his shoreside fleet management roles include leading the marine launch of Canada’s largest passenger vessel excursion service at Niagara Falls, and managing Atlantic Canada’s largest passenger vessel fleet in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Roger has spent thousands of hours underway on the Atlantic, Pacific, Great Lakes and Caribbean, and in shipyards surveying vessels, and managing refits and new builds.


Roger is a Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS®) Associate, a licensed master 3000 tons, a Transport Canada approved Small Passenger Vessel Safety Traineand a member of the the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC®). Roger is currently working towards certification as an ISO Quality Management Internal Auditor.

Kurt Huck 


Kurt is the current Executive Director of the Canadian Passenger and Commercial Vessel association (PCVA), and the former owner of Capital Cruises in Ottawa, Ontario. Kurt's experience in the passenger vessel industry spans his entire life, with formative years spent working in his family business on the St. Lawrence River followed by senior roles in the Toronto excursion vessel market, and ultimately ownership of Capital Cruises, the largest excursion vessel operation in Canada's capital. Kurt holds a 3000 tons domestic captain's license and is a Transport Canada approved Small Passenger Vessel Safety Trainer. Kurt is based in Ottawa where he maintains strong relationships with federal regulators through a number of professional consultative bodies including the Canadian Marine Advisory Council (CMAC).

Captain Kurt Huck Marine Consultant
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